The Zadoks are a fanatical resistance movement that were borne by the enslavement of the Samites by the Olveri. When the Samites were separated from their homeland, they were also separated from the Ark of the Chosen, a powerful artifact that is literally the material link between the Samites and their god. Without the Ark, they are bereft of divine magic and, some believe, access to their afterlife. The Zadoks have one driving mission in life: to restore the Samites to their homeland and recover the Ark of the Chosen in order to restore this divine connection to their people. As a result, they have immense respect among their own community, and never want for food, clothing, or shelter.

Class Features: Zadoks are paladins with the following restrictions: they have no access to spells or supernatural powers and they may not channel energy. They receive +4 to Willpower and Fortitude checks. They receive the Toughness feat for free.

Since Zadoks have been bereft of supernatural powers for so long, they have developed more dedication to the mundane aspects of their craft: they receive an additional combat feat at level one, and every fourth level thereafter. They receive an additional two skill ranks per level. Additionally, a Zadok gains the following powers:

Death before Dishonor (Ex) A Zadok receives a -4 penalty on diplomacy and social checks involving Olveri or O’Roqesh.

Death to the Infidel (Ex) At 1st level, the Zadok receives a +1 to hit and damage versus O’Roqesh and Olveri foes. This bonus increases by 1 for every five levels of the Zadok.

Surprise! (Ex) At 2nd level, the Zadok receives an additional +2 on attacks versus surprised opponents, and does 1d6 addtional sneak attack damage. This damage increases by 1d6 for every fou levels of the Zadok.

Fanatical Devotion (Ex) At 3rd level,when a Zadok is reduced to zero or fewer HP he may act normally, although at half his normal movement rate. He takes 2 HP damage per round and instantly dies once his negative HP equal his CON score. At any time he may choose to faint and undergo the normal rules for negative HP. He receives a +4 to CON checks for recovery.

Nose for Danger (Ex) At 5th level, a Zadok’s keen understanding of ambush techniques gives them an edge when surprised themselves; as a result, they are never treated as flat-footed when surprised.


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