Samite Religion


Creator of the Universe, The One True God – LN

The Samite god is nameless; it is said to utter his name would be the hugest sin possible. Samite Clerics, or Rebbes, have enormous social and political power, and have a say in almost every aspect of life. Rebbes can be Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good. Samite Paladins are called Zadoks and are almost completely consumed with the liberation of Bergheim. They may be Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good.

Spell Focus: “Heimat” Holy Symbol
Material Components: incense and forge materials
Rituals: chanting, hammering of metal, sacrifice of precious things
Domains: Law, Protection, Sun, Glory, Liberation, Destruction

Since the Great Betrayal, the Samites have been bereft of contact with their God due to the capture and re-attunement of a powerful artifact, the Ark of the Chosen. This Holiest of Holies resided in the innermost sanctum of the High Temple of Bergheim, and was considered to be the physical resting place of God’s power.

Samite morality centers around absolute surrender to the will and power of the One True God. A complex code exists that details proper moral behavior in almost any imaginable situation, called the Kizet. The broad gist of the law is usually summarized in the Sibn Gesetz, or Seven Laws:

1. Einset Geset (first law) : Avodah zarah: There shall be no worship of false gods.

There is a prohibition against idolatry
Others should pray only to God
Others should offer ritual sacrifices only to God
Nobody should EVER say the name of God

2. Zweiset Geset (second law) : Shefichat Damim: Thou shalt not murder.

No murder
No suicide
No infant sacrifice
No abortion
Killing in self defense is acceptable
Killing an enemy in a time of war is acceptable

3. Dreiset Geset : Gezel: Thou shalt not steal.

No stealing
No kidnapping

4. Firset Geset: Gilui arayot: Thou shalt not mess around, be gay, or have a hankering to make it with sheep.

No adultery
Formal legal marriages
No incest with close relatives
No sodomy (i.e. gay chaps getting it on)
No bestiality
Do not crossbreed animals
No castration

5. Finfet Geset: Birkat Hashem: Thou shalt not blaspheme God.

A strict definition of blasphemy includes the following:

Worshipping multiple deities
Using the word ‘God’ in conjunction with, or as, an oath (i.e. Gods be damned…)
No witchcraft
No divination
No conjurers
No sorcerers
No mediums
No demonology
No wizardry
No necromancy

6. Sekset Geset: Ever min ha-chai: Do not eat any flesh that was torn from the body of a living animal.

Not to eat a limb of a living creature (whilst it is still alive)
Not to eat or drink blood
Not to eat carrion

7 Sibset Geset: Dinim: A civilized society has a system of honest, effective courts, police and laws that stand above those who rule the society, and are subservient only to God.

Within this general rule is a prohibition against lying under an oath to God, punishable by death.

Samite Religion

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