Favored Classes: Cleric (Rebbe), Fighter, Paladin (Zadok)

Special Rules: Only Samites may take the Craft Magical Arms and Armor feat, but they must first take the Master Craftsman Feat and apprentice with a Master who knows the secret of Admatium smelting and forging. Samites receive a +2 racial bonus to smelting and forging checks, and receive a -6 penalty to Charisma checks with O’Roqesh.

The Samites have lived in their mountain halls since the beginning of time, and know the arts of mining, smelting and forging so well they discovered the secret of turning mere steel into admantium, a super-strong yet flexible metal that makes weapons of legendary sharpness and strength. Unassailable in their mountain stronghold, they remained unconquered by the Olveri until they were betrayed by their neighbors, the O’Roqesh. Rather than relinquish the secret of admantium, the Samites decided to enter slavery as a race and produce the metal for the Olveri, with their bitter enemies the O’Roqesh living as their jailors and overseers. When the Olveri empire fell, most Samites heard the call to return home and take up the battle against the O’Roqesh to liberate their homeland. The Samites are monotheistic and fanatical in their faith. When the O’Roqesh gained control of the Samite homeland they also gained control of the Ark of the Chosen, a special artifact that connects the Samites to their god. Without it, Samites have no direct link with their deity and cannot receive powers or blessings.

Samite culture is extremely conservative and insular. Every Samite addresses his fellow Samites as Gurats, or “Brother”. Greetings are made with Shola, or “peace be with you.” Non-Samites are referred to as gnoyam (plural: gnoyamei), a term that varies in the scorn applied to it by how progressive the speaker is. Every Samite strives his best to follow the Kizet, or complex series of laws and regulations that govern nearly aspect of life. One of the worst things one can become is a Kizatner, or one who does not follow the Heiliken Geset (Holy Law).


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