A respected teacher and leader of the community, the Rebbe is at the very center of Samite life. They read the holy texts and interpret the complex Kizat, or rules by which the Samites live their lives. Most are incredibly conservative and separatist.

Class Features: A Rebbe has no access to spells and may not channel energy. He may not use any Supernatural powers. Rebbes are at the very pinnacle of Samite society and their basic needs are always provided for.

Rebbes receive +4 on Willpower and Fortitude checks. They receive an additional 4 skill ranks per level. They also have the following additional powers:

Wisdom of the Kizat (Ex) Every Rebbe maintains a personal library that begins with copies of the Kizat, and gradually includes more sacred texts, histories, etc. Once per week, a Rebbe may consult his library on a matter. He makes a Knowledge (Religion) skill test, with a bonus of +1 for every two levels he has attained and a DC decided by the GM. If successful, he receives an inclination as to the correct path to choose, and receives a +2 circumstance bonus on any non-combat related rolls related to his inquiry.

Your Mother Would be Proud (Ex) Every three levels, a Rebbe’s constant studying awards him either a new Knowledge skill or an additional skill rank to spend in a Knowledge skill he already possesses.

Get Behind Thee (Ex) A Rebbe’s knowledge of the supernatural gives him a +1 bonus to hit and damage all undead and extraplanar foes. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 levels of the Rebbe.


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