Favored Classes: Cleric (Imam), Fighter, Ranger (Ha’dim)

Special Rules: O’Roqesh receive a -6 penalty to Charisma-related checks when dealing with Samites.

According to O’Roqesh dogma, they were created by the same god as the Samites, who tricked the deity into favoring them. While the Samites practiced the sacred arts of creation in their mountain home rich in raw materials, the O’Roqesh were relegated to the deserts and arid plains surrounding the foothills. They scraped together a hard existence herding goats and trading with their richer cousins. Once a year they were granted access to the sacred spring that welled beneath Bergheim, and they used this knowledge of secret ways through the mountain to betray the Samites to the Olveri and reclaim their birthright. Since coming into possession of the Ark, they have wielded mighty magics and proven impossible to dislodge, even with the entire nation of Samites crusading against them.

The Ha’dim are a brotherhood of desert warriors who have been specially blessed with skills of stealth, survival and cunning. Their identities are kept secret and they are regarded as heroes by commoners, frequently battling fierce desert predators and poachers of community herds.


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