Favored Classes: Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Monk

Class Notes: Olveri Clerics have a ritual restriction on every non-domain spell they cast, and may not channel energy.

Special Rules: Olveri receive a -6 penalty to Charisma-related checks when dealing with races once enslaved by the Empire.

Olveri are elves, and use the rules for elves except as noted above. They are slightly shorter and broader than typical elves, and their lifespans, while long, are finite.

Ten millennia ago, the Olveri were peaceful, forest-dwelling people surrounded by hostile nations. Rather than allow themselves to be conquered, they used the resources available to them and built great machines of war, wielding mighty magics that allowed them to not only overrun their neighbors, but conquer the entire world for themselves. However, this success came at a serious price: by surrendering to the temptations of power, they cut themselves off from their ancestral gods and the magic of the land. They moved from their forest into mighty cities of marble and brick and lived fat off the slave labor of those they had conquered, and lost access to the raw magical power that had enabled ther success in the first place.

Olveri culture is highly regimented, with ultimate authority residing in the hands of the Empress. Her husband is High Commander and in charge of defending the Empire and its people. Large Olveri cities are typically extremely racially mixed, although only Olveri are considered citizens of the Empire. The high priests and priestesses of the major religions meet in conclave to advise the Empress on spiritual matters.


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