Intelligent Monster names

The Olveri subjugated many races, and allowed most to live within the limits of their empire, provided they behaved themselves. For the most part, these races have assimilated completely into Olveri society, worshipping their gods, following their calendar, speaking their language, and populating the bottom rungs of the social ladder.

Turpians (Goblins) – Small in stature, low in intellect, these are the garbagemen and sewer workers of the Empire.

Ffeda (Hobgoblins) – The Ffeda can be found in low-level law enforcement, as bouncers, and filling the ranks of the army.

Accutae (Gnoll) – Among the first of the peoples to be subjugated by the Olveri, the Accutae are renowned as excellent scribes and accountants.

Suulari (Bugbear) – The Suulari are still enemies of the Empire, and are only found on its fringes. They are ancestral enemies of the Humans.

Catuli (Kobold) – Similar to the Turpians, except they are mroe typically rural than urban.

Cavelli (Centaurs) – The Cavelli are the family farmers and the rugged frontiersmen who settle the wilds. They are prized in the army as officers.

Belueae (Ogres) – Menial laborers, bouncers, and low-level bureaucrats, the Belueae make up the urban lower middle class.

Stellio (Lizardmen) – More intelligent than most others, the Stellio tend to be merchants and craftsmen.

Taurans (Minotaurs) – These are the rank-and-file soldiers of the army, and also tend to settle down as family farmers.

Capernians (Satyrs) – Capernians are well-educated members of the middle class, and also have a penchant for creativity.

Intelligent Monster names

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