Imperial Marshall

In the old days of the Empire, the elite representatives of the justice of the Empress were the Imperial Marshalls: fearlessly loyal, wise and incorruptible, they travelled the roads of the Empire adjudicating disputes between commoners and nobles alike. Unfortunately, their incorruptibility proved their downfall. As the Imperial inner circle became more and more corrupt, the Marshalls attempted to reverse the trend and ended up on the wrong end of an unofficial civil war. While their stature was too great to eradicate completely, the ruling family was able to relegate them to the outskirts of the Empire, far from the political power center of Olverus and, ironically, the destruction of the Wanderer.

Class Features: Imperial Marshalls are paladins, except as noted below. They must have a spell focus in order to cast spells or channel energy. Certain paladin spells have the Ritual restriction (see the Ritual Spell List for details).

The Imperial Marshalls enjoy a sterling reputation among the downtrodden of Olveri society – even Rebbes and Zadoks respect their integrity. They are traditionally given support in their endeavors by any Olveri, although somewhat begrudgingly by the upper classes, who are frequently ruled against in the Marshalls’ judgements.

If a Marshall determines that a crime has been committed, he may undertake an official Investigation, during which he attempts to uncover the truth of the situation and mete out justice. An Investigation lasts as long as necessary to get to the truth, and the Marshall is honor bound to pursue an active Investigation as vigorously as possible. While in pursuit of an active Investigation, the Marshall gains the following powers, which replace the paladin’s Mount:

Eye for Detail (Ex): A Marshall gains a bonus equal to his level on Knowledge (Local), Perception, and Sense Motive checks, as well as Diplomacy checks to gather information.

Follow Up (Ex): Marshall can roll twice on any Diplomacy check to gather information, and receives the information for both results. This takes the same amount of time as one check. If the lesser of the two rolls yields false information, the Marshall is aware of it.

Synergy (Ex): A Marshall working in tandem with either another Marshall or a member of The Order of the Nasturtium who has a teamwork feat is treated as though they had the same teamwork feat.

The Closer (Ex): Upon reaching 10th level, the Marshall has the ability, when questioning a suspect, of compelling a true confession from them. The Marshall rolls a Diplomacy check with a DC equal to the target’s Will save plus 10. If successful, the target must divulge their guilt or innocence in the matter at hand.

Once a Marshall pronounces judgement and sentence, his decree is lawfully binding and will be respected by a community at large, if not by every single member of it. Marshalls believe in justice tempered with mercy, and will seek a resolution that will offer the community the best chance to heal from the infraction.

Prerequisites: An Imperial Marshall must be Olveri. They must undergo a lengthy apprenticeship as a squire to an established Marshall and take part in a lengthy induction ceremony that includes a vigil, public prayer service and an oath to protect and defend the Empire.

Imperial Marshall

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