Favored Classes: Barbarian, Bard (Skald), Druid (Shaman)

Special Rules: All Humans begin with the Self-Sufficient feat.

The original Human homeland was the snowy foothills and mountain valleys of the Upper Crescent Mountains, where they live as nomadic hunters following migrating herds of reindeer and bison. They are fierce, highly superstitious warriors. They live in constant conflict with the Suulari, or Beast Men, whom the Humans banished to the far side of the mountains many generations ago in a legendary series of battles documented in the Sagas of Skarjammer.

Human society is patriarchal; generally, the biggest and best hunter is designated chief of a given band. They have very little organization beyond the village, although their sense of a greater nation is curiously strong.

Humans who were trained by former members of the Olveri army fight in the style of the Phalanx Soldier.


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