Wanderer's Wake

A Continent in Tatters
The story begins...

Thirty years ago, the Wanderer came out of the sky and destroyed the city of Olverus, instantly decapitating the political, military, religious, and social leaders of the Olveri Empire. Immense clouds of dust and debris were thrown into the sky, blotting out the sun and driving the land into a deep winter. Communities were cut off from one another, and had to learn to provide for themselves. In a few places, the social order was maintained. Most were not so lucky; anarchy ruled the countryside for most of the Great Winter. Then, the sun broke through the clouds, and travel began once again between communities. Mail was delivered. Families were reunited. Hope seemed to return like buds on the tree branches.

In this new era of warming and opportunity the heroes find themselves trying to make a living…


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